Uprisings - Deep Blue
Uprisings - Deep Blue


Uprisings - Deep Blue

$ 75.00
MK - 012
ARTIST: Kozyndan
BRAND: Munky King
MATERIAL: Rotocast Vinyl
HEIGHT: 9.5 inches

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"Uprisings" by Kozyndan originated as an illustration inspired by the classic Hokusai woodblock print, "The Great Wave off Kanagawa."   Munky King has transformed the illustration into an art vinyl sculpture that can be displayed on its own or used as a bookend.  Sculpted by Julie B of Pretty in Plastic.  Featuring metallic blue water and pearlescent white bunnies cresting off the top of the wave, Uprisings is sure to fulfill every collector's art object desire.

Once available only as a super-limited resin sculpture, Uprisings is now comes in recession-friendly vinyl form so you can fill your entire bookshelf!