Pink Elephant
Pink Elephant

Amanda Visell

Pink Elephant

MK - 004
ARTIST: Amanda Visell
BRAND: Munky King
HEIGHT: 6 inches
RELEASE DATE: 12/12/2007

Pink Elephant featuring Drunky McSkunky. Drunky McSkunky is removable with a magnetic butt that keeps him from tipsying over. Together they'll lead you on wild adventures that you may or may not remember. Get Boozy!

Only 150 were produced of the Prohibited edition, an MK exclusive to be released at Amanda's Pink Elephant Show, featuring original paintings and sculptures and other surprises. Hosted at our Melrose gallery.

Amanda Visell lives in the Los Angeles area by choice. She paints cartoony pictures and makes things. She did not go to school for this. Her artwork has been seen in galleries and museums nationwide including an exhibit and exclusive merchandise line at Disneyland USA.

She continues to create original artwork along with toys, books, apparel, limited edition prints and sculptures, all while perfecting her design for the ultimate home robot.