Eyegore - Chrome
Eyegore - Chrome
Eyegore - Chrome

The Pizz

Eyegore - Chrome

MK - 007s
ARTIST: The Pizz
BRAND: Munky King
HEIGHT: 7 inches
RELEASE DATE: 01/30/2009

If "Big Daddy" Ed Roth was the God of Lowbrow, The Pizz is certainly the Lord of the movement. Original and creative, he leads by example with deft brushwork, luminous overlay of color and a keen artistic sensibility, conferring his message to his disciples like the second coming. Many a contemporary "lowbrow" artist cite The Pizz as one of their major influences. 

From The Pizz himself...

"Eyegore was birthed in a painting displayed in the Laguna Art Museum's "Kustom Kulture" exhibition. The piece was named "A Salute To The Holy Trinity Of Von Dutch, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and Robt. Wms"... back in 1992.

Featuring a little chrome eyeball dude, he's an amalgamation of the three hot-rod maestros' various signature creations and stylistic calling cards, so we got Dutch's Flying Eyeball and Roth's Rat Fink and William's Cootchy Cootie, with a heavy mix of the three's cult-like Wehrmacht obsession and the overabundance of chromage...He also harkens to my creation for the Sympathy For The Record Industry's "Eldridge Cleaver" character...same hob-nailed biker boots and WWI-era StahlHelm..."

Eyegore was sculpted by Ray Brown.