Production Update #007: Grief and Boarding!

Production Update #007: Grief and Boarding!

Hi Backers!

As the production rolls on and we're busy building assets and working on look development (which we'll be showing you some snippets of soon.) We wanted to start to share clips of the movie in their animatic form - which is essentially the storyboard filmed at the correct pacing with sound and music.

The sequence below is called "Groovy" this is mainly cause Bear gets his groove on to a favourite music track. This sequence comes at the start of the movie when Bear doesn't really understand who he is or where he has came from (it'll make more sense when you see the final movie - some mystery is good for the audience!) He hears a tune that he really loves and starts to gradually dance to it. It doesn't take long for things to start to turn dark and lead Bear on a journey of self discovery and the shattering of his innocence.


The music track within the clip is New Order's Blue Monday. One of Luke's favourite 80's songs. This is added to the animatic as a temp track - it's something to work to until the final music is ready. One of the biggest problems with using a temp track is that by the time the final music is ready you've grown so used to and fond of the temp track its very hard to replace it. It will be the same with this track as it works very well with the film and is, of course, one of Luke's favourites (which means it has a real emotional element to it.) We could licenses the song but with something this popular the fee is most likely bigger than the whole Kickstarter budget!

More updates to come soon.

Thanks for your continued support!

Chueh x King x Giants


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