Production Update #004: Happy New Grief!!

Production Update #004: Happy New Grief!!

Mood Panel From Grief Encounters

 Happy New Year Grief Backers!

After a well deserved break and copious amounts of festive food we're back into the full swing of production on Grief Encounters.

The board is complete and the first cut of the animatic clocks in at around 10 minutes. We're looking to shave a couple of minutes off of the run time but the pace, drama and comedy is there - we can't wait to show you some clips from it. The first pass of the sound fx work has started and once thats complete we'll be posting an update with a few sequences for you to see.

In tandem mood panels are being produced to give the CGI guys an idea of what the films lighting and colour should look like. Above is an image taken from the end of the film when the drama and action is high. Of course this is just a concept image so it doesn't necessarily resemble the final design of Luke's iconic bear, it's just to get the mood and feel of the shot just right.

As more mood panels are completed we'll share them with you, of course all of these panels and designs will be included in the 'art of' book that backers over a certain tier will receive.

As always we appreciate your support and look forward to giving you more 'Grief' in the not to distant future!

Luke x Munky x Tiny


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