Production Update #003: Happy Grief-Giving!!

Production Update #003: Happy Grief-Giving!!

Greetings Griefers!

Well it's that time of year to stuff our faces and give thanks for all we have and all that you've backed! We'd like to share some more news with you. After all the holidays wouldn't be holidays without any Grief right?

The storyboard is rocketing along nicely and the animatic is being produced in tandem. As a special treat we thought we'd show you some panels from the epic short film we're now making.

The film is still based on the art of Luke Chueh but as we've said previously it now has a narrative that takes its main character on a life's journey of innocence, hard knocks and Grief Encounters. 

More to come soon!

Happy Holidays.

Chueh x King x Giants



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