Production Update #002

Production Update #002


We're working hard on getting the script kicked into shape. We're taking a slightly different approach to the film but it's something we feel that will explore the mind and imagination of Luke in a much more funny and exciting way.

Over the coarse of the next few months we'll be sharing snippets with you, designs, board sequences, ruff animation and some look development tests that we hope will get you salivating at the mouth!

We're due to start the storyboard shortly and thats where some major fun for us will kick in! Getting to thrash out the storybeats and gags is always one of the fun parts of making some great animation.

The painting above is the style we're aiming to hit within the animation, its got some real depth, texture and character and we'd love to see Luke's art come to life like this so we figure... lets make it happen!

As always thank you for your continued support, we're excited to be taking this journey with you guys!

Luke x Munky x Tiny


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